The Academy

The mission of the DanceSport Academy is to provide trainers, coaches, adjudicators and the athletes with comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of DanceSport. Through its Academy, WDSF fosters the sport’s development on a global scale, by establishing and maintaining defined standards in the education of coaches and officials, and by making know-how available to the athletes.

Going beyond the traditional transfer of knowledge through congresses and seminars – and taking a more holistic and, at times, a scientific approach – the DanceSport Academy provides its services through state-of-the-art technology and workshops.

Syllabus DVD

Rumba The aim of this particular project is to standardise the WDSF Syllabus for the five Latin and the five Standard dances by providing visual and explanatory information to teachers, adjudicators and dancers.

The WDSF DanceSport Academy released the first two Syllabus DVDs in 2010.

Viennese WaltzThe Rumba DVD is presented by Barbara Nagode Ambroz and features as demonstrators Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich. Michael Herdlitzka presents the Viennese Waltz DVD; Simone Segatori and Annette Sudol are the demonstrators.

Two more are currently in production and should become available during the second half of 2011. The WDSF PD World Champions – Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton (Standard); Alexey Silde and Anna Firstova (Latin) – will be the expert demonstrators for the different syllabus figures.

You can order all DanceSport Academy Syllabus DVDs from our distributer!

Technique Books

WDSF Technique Books

This is a handbook for teachers, dancers, professionals and young students alike wanting a simple, practical introduction to the Ballroom and Latin American Technique. It’s a series of books that represent the WDSF technique and is full of great knowledge and shows different aspects of development to improve future generations. A modern and up to date fully developed guide for dancesport competitors this book is not only about the basic fundaments, but also body technique: an important requirement to improve dancesport to the maximum. A good first step in the development of our discipline.

Comments from International Coaches and Adjudicators are included at the end of the books and applaud the publications as “Definitely the most complete analysis of the Standard dances ever written” (Mirjam Zwijsen), “a good first step in the development of our discipline” (Eric Sourdeau) and “of enormous importance to the development of our future teachers, adjudicators and competitors” (Geir Bakke).

The price for a single WDSF Technique Book is EUR 50. They can be purchased from: